5 Common Photography Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2021

5 Common Photography Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2021

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We all may be good in our own way but we are not perfect. We do make mistakes and photography is no different. There are photographers who are born photographers. The moment they pick up the camera, you know that they are going to weave magic but most of us are not like that. We do stumble through our mistakes to finally create an image that can be called awesome. And if you are a newbie, then you are bound to make more mistakes than anyone else and that is perfectly alright.

We are in the new year and most of you are itching to go out to create dream images. We try and list out a few common mistakes and which if you avoid, you are bound to create better images. 

  1. Avoid Centering the Image

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This is the most common compositional mistake most photographers make specially in their initial days. When shooting landscape images, keeping the horizon in center of the image (see image above), cuts the image in two equal halves which mostly does not look good. 

The best way is to keep the horizon off center, including more of the area where more drama or action is there. This makes the image look aesthetic and forces the viewer to see what you want them to see (look at the image below).

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  1. Abruptly Cutting Limbs / Body Parts of People 

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This is another common mistake most beginners make while compositing a portrait. And when you point it out to them, they appear clueless and mostly say that they did not even notice while clicking. Cutting fingers abruptly (see image above) is considered very bad in photography. You should be very careful while clicking portraits and ensure the body parts are not abruptly cut (see image below).

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The same mistake is visible in other genres as well e.g in monuments, you usually see the tip of the dome is abruptly cut. Staying alert while clicking, will help you correct this mistake.

  1. Avoid Clutter Behind Your Subject 

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Do not just aim the camera towards your subject and click. If you look behind your subject, you will notice there is lot of clutter which does not look good in final image (see image above). 

Look before you press the shutter button. If you notice some clutter behind your subject, change your angle to avoid the same and create an image with clutter-free background (see image below)

E:\Blogs Future Forward\2021\January\Images\common mistakes\right 2.jpg

  1. Always Staying in Your Comfort Zone 

When you are new into photography you are always excited to click more and more and better images. You are a bundle of energy. But after some time, when you acquire some skills and gain some social media recognition, you tend to get lazy; you tend to get inside your own comfort zone. And this is what starts pulling you down. You start stagnating and stop growing. 

Especially when you realise few things that help you stand out, you start enjoying your moment of recognition and do not experiment more. This eventually leads to creative block.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone by trying new aspects and genres in photography. If you always shoot color, try shooting black and white. If you shoot only fashion, try shooting street portraits. You grow when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

  1. Feeling that an Expensive Camera is Enough

Most people feel that buying an expensive camera is enough to create good images. They do not put time and effort to learn the art and eventually get frustrated with their mediocrity. Remember your camera is a tool and to create good images, you must first learn how to operate camera and then how to get creative with your camera settings. Spending time to learn is the only way you can improve your photography. 

If you feel someone else is creating great images because he has a good camera, you are mistaken. He is able to create good images because he has invested lot of time and money in learning the art. 

Photography is about having fun. And you will have loads of fun after you have learnt where are you going wrong. Let 2021 be your year of honing your photography skills and becoming a better photographer.