5 Simple Editing Tips to Make Your Image Stand Out

5 Simple Editing Tips to Make Your Image Stand Out

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The creation of a photograph is not just about pressing that button and taking a picture. In fact, for most photographers that’s where the fabrication of an image starts, followed by the next step of post-processing.

Even when the shot is good enough in terms of Exposure, Composition and Lighting, post- processing enables an image to reach its maximum flair.

Given below are some quick tips to make your images pop out from the rest.


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Image by Jassi Oberai

Although choosing the frame wisely is an essential to a getting good shot, but viewing your picture on a larger screen than your camera’s, makes you realise that some disturbing elements often sneak into your image drawing the attention away from your main subject.

Cropping these elements becomes necessary to give the image a fine look.

And while cropping, one can also change the alignment of the image if it looks tilted or if you come across an alignment that suits the image better.


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Image by Jassi Oberai

Where various camera and phone devices handle color temperature and white balance differently, different light sources and weather conditions also have contrasting effects on the color temperature of the picture. 

While a beautiful sunset gives a warm, golden glow, a snowy overcast gives a cool blue touch to the picture. Without any correct way of doing it, you may like the effects of those colors or you may like to neutralize them a bit by working on the color temperature and white balance which can give the pictures a more natural look.


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Image by Jassi Oberai

Sharpening is very similar to procrastination! Once you start doing it, you have a hard time stopping.

Although sharpening brings out the details and gives crisp images, sharpening an image too much can exaggerate the background noise pushing the pictures over the edge.

Being very easy to overdo, sharpening should be done cautiously rather than aggressively which can ruin an amazing image.


E:\Low Resolution pics\Landscapes\Low Res\_K6A7429.png

Image by Jassi Oberai

How much noise is too much and how much noise reduction to apply are both relative and vary with each person and picture. It also depends on the device’s ISO level handling.

Some noise reduction is always helpful for fining out the speckled or spotty look of the image however too much noise reduction, just like sharpening can ruin an otherwise lovely image, destroying the necessary details in it.


E:\Low Resolution pics\For Publishing\IMG_1214.jpg

Image by Jassi Oberai

The most important thing that makes your image stand out is your own creativity and personal touch. Adding a personal touch, be it at the time of clicking, in terms of saturation, color contrast, sharpening or noise reduction, is what makes an image unique.

Blend and mix the techniques that you feel will give you an amazing output of a photograph.

Final Thoughts

The above points will give you a loose idea for getting the most out of your images.

Some things may not be for you, while others may do wonders.

So decide wisely what you want with your images, choose the techniques that suit you, add your own touch and make your pictures stand out from the rest.

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