5 Simple Tips to Take Sharp Photos

5 Simple Tips to Take Sharp Photos

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You see your subject, pick up your camera and quickly press the shutter button only to realize that the image is not as sharp as you wanted it to be. You try again but without success. This is a true story of many photographers. Some are lucky to notice it while on the field and some very unlucky to notice a few days later when they sit on their computer sorting images from the shoot. 

Do you relate to this situation? If the answer is yes and you want to start taking sharp images consistently, then you are at the right place. 

  1. Hold Your Camera Correctly

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The number one enemy of blurred images is camera shake. While it may sound foolish, most beginners do not even hold the camera right way. This becomes even more apparent when you are using a telephoto lens and/or in low light. 

The correct way to hold the camera is to grip the camera with one hand and position other hand under the lens to support the weight. While doing that keep your camera as close to your body as possible. Also while shooting at very long focal lengths, try and provide extra support by resting your elbows on some hard surface. This will add extra stability to the camera and will help you get sharp photos. 

One last point in this is to ensure that you are very gently while pushing the shutter button. Pushing it with force will destabilize the camera. 

  1. Use a Tripod

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Tripod is a must have accessory for getting tack sharp images. This hold good particularly when you are shooting long exposures either at day or night or in situations when you are using extreme tele photo lenses for wildlife photography. 

And it is important to have a sturdy tripod instead of a cheap gimmicky thing that looks like a tripod. 

  1. Use Fast Shutter Speed

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While we may not realise, slow shutter speed is one of the biggest culprits of blurry images. But is there any formula for selecting the correct shutter speed? Yes in fact there is. We call is Reciprocal Rule. As per this rule, your shutter speed should be faster than the focal length at which you are shooting. Which means, if you are shooting at 150mm focal length, your minimum shutter speed while shooting handheld should be 1/150. 

While doing this, always keep in mind that by doing so, you do not miss exposure. 

  1. Turn On Image Stabilisation


Image Stabilisation is a feature that is becoming very advanced these days. Most latest cameras come with either IBIS (In Body Image stabilization) or Hybrid (Image stabilization both is camera and lens). This feature is very useful when you are shooting fast action shots where you have to continuously move your camera to track the subject. Make the best use of Image Stabilisation in your camera. Also note that if you are shooting using a tripod, its important to switch this feature off. 

  1. Use Sharp Lenses


If nothing is working, then chances are high you may be using a lens that is not sharp enough. Always invest in and use high quality lenses. They are most important aspect; even more important than your camera. Most kit lenses tend to be little soft in comparison to pro lenses. Remember photography is all about light; light is all about optics and optics means a lens. 

Final Thoughts

If you are reading this, it is clear that you found this article useful. But leaving ta this step will not help. Use these tips to ensure you get tack sharp images. And do not forget to share your experience with us in comments below. 

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