As per Sony the Global Chip Shortage is Really Serious

As per Sony the Global Chip Shortage is Really Serious

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As per Sony the impact of chip shortage is much more serious than expected. This shortage has forced Sony to make some tough calls on the cameras and lenses they wish to continue manufacturing. 

In normal circumstances before Covid and chip shortage, Sony used to manufacture models and lenses that were considered outdated and were even replaced by newer models and upgraded lenses. They continued manufacturing such old cameras for several years. 

The chip shortage has forced Sony to change their strategy and made them change a tough decision to stop manufacturing these “old” cameras. In recent times Sony had discontinued their original Alpha 9 and Alpha 7R II. 

Few days back Sony issued an apology for halting the production of Alpha 7 II, a6400, a6100, ECB1M shotgun microphone and the PXW-Z190 camcorder. While Sony names it as temporary halting of production but it could attain permanency owing to continued shortage of semiconductor. 

“Currently, with regard to digital imaging products, parts procurement is delayed due to the effects of global semiconductor shortages,” Sony says.

Its clear that Sony feels the shortage of chip is much more serious than they had anticipated and in attempt to continue production, they are narrowing its production line. 

As per various reports, major camera brands are showing low stocks of their major camera models. Almost all camera brands are struggling to deal with two major causes of this breakdown in supply chain – Corona and Semiconductor shortage. 

While the industry showed impressive signs of recovery after 2020, but its currently trapped because of their inability to meet the market demand. 

While this is a real issue, we hope that it will be sorted out fast and the industry will rebound to attain pre-Covid levels and beyond.

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