Canon Announces KOKOMO – Social VR Platform that uses Canon Cameras

Canon Announces KOKOMO – Social VR Platform that uses Canon Cameras

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Canon recently announced that it is developing a VR platform designed to completely change the human communication. It will combine VR with “immersive” video calls powered by Canon cameras. 

Kokomo as it is called by Canon, is innovative solution that will allow users to meet friends and family in-person in a virtual world. For this Canon will use a Canon camera, a VR headset and a smartphone. 

As per Canon, Kokomo will allow users to see and hear friends in real-time, in a photo-real world, complete with their live appearance and expressions. 



As per Canon, the app will use Canon cameras and its own technology to provide realist experience. It will make them feel as if they are speaking face to face rather than on-screen. Canon calls it “Real Together Experience.”

As per Kazuto Kevin Ogawa, President and CEO, Canon U.S.A. Inc, with Kokomo, Canon will be tapping into Canon’s innovative spirit and heritage of high quality imaging to enable people have real and authentic interaction when they get into the virtual world. This will help them create and maintain meaningful connections. 

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Kokomo is currently being demonstrated at CES using Canon RF5.2mm f/2.8L Dual Fisheye Lens

As per Canon, the Kokomo should be available in 2022 itself. Currently Canon is working to incorporate wider locations, new functionalities and unique features. Its also working to expand its compatibility with wider range of Canon cameras. 

Canon however did not specify the list compatible cameras and even mobile phones with Kokomo system. It is also silent on whether the lens used will only be the dual fish eye lens or other lenses will also be made compatible. Canon is also silent on whether Kokomo will be sold as one time or will be on subscription model. 

This entire announcement is path breaking and marks a beginning of a new era in the way people will communicate with each other.


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