Canon Discontinues EOS Ra – Astro Mirrorless Camera

Canon Discontinues EOS Ra – Astro Mirrorless Camera

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If Canon Rumors are to be believed Canon has discontinued its Astro Based Mirrorless Camera EOS Ra as quietly and quickly as Canon launched it in Nov. 2019. As per Canon Rumors, the EOS Ra is not available with Canon Inc. and is also listed as discontinued with international vendors. 

As per Canon Rumors, Canon has also stopped production of the EOS R but it has sufficient stock to meet current market demand for the camera. 

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The EOS Ra was launched by Canon in November 2019 without much proper announcement. The quiet launch of this camera came as a surprise because EOS Ra was the first ever full frame mirrorless camera from Canon which was focused on Astro and deep sky photography.

The EOS Ra was in direct competition to Nikon’s D810a which was also astro photography oriented camera from Nikon. The Eos Ra had an IR filter which was specially designed to allow the camera to capture atleast 4 times transmission of 656nm wavelength compared to the normal EOS R camera. Canon also altered the firmware of the camera to help user achieve more precise manual focusing of stars and other deep sky astronomical objects. 

Apart from these two major changes, the EOS Ra was an identical twin of EOS R and it sold for $2,500 almost throughout it shelf life.

The reason of its discontinuation is unknown but probably owing to this being a niche product, the demand may be very low and it might have further negatively impacted by the ongoing pandemic. 

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