Canon EOS R3 is Finally Here – 24MP, 6K RAW Video, 30FPS

Canon EOS R3 is Finally Here – 24MP, 6K RAW Video, 30FPS

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Finally, the much awaited and hyped Canon EOS R3 is here. Canon recently announced its launch and unveiled its full specifications. The $5,999 camera features a back illuminated and stacked 24.1 Megapixel sensor. It boasts of a 30 FPS shooting which is claimed to be blackout-free. Apart from many other features, it can shoot 6K RAW video as well.

All New Sensor

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The EOS R3 has all new backside illuminated and stacked CMOS 24.1 Megapixel Sensor. As per Canon, the sensor has been developed by Canon itself. While the sensor is 24.1 Megapixel, Canon claim that it out performs other higher resolution sensors in quality of images. 

To enable high-speed readout, the sensor is powered by Digic X processor. Owing to this combination, the R3 can shoot continuously in silent mode at 30 FPS without any blackout. When shooting with standard mechanical shutter, it can shoot at 12 FPS. 

The R3 can perform autofocus and tracking using electronic shutter at double the speed at which it shoots images i.e. 60FPS

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The EOS R3 has a native ISO range of 100 to 102,400 expandable to 204,800. Like its predecessors R5 & R6, the R3 uses Dual Pixel CMOS AF II with 1053 autofocus points.

AF Tracking

As per Canon the Eos R3 is capable of start tracking just by getting close to the subject. Canon says that all the AF points can easily become tracking points the moment camera identifies a moving subject. 

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The EOS R3 apart from detecting human eyes and faces can also easily detect eyes, faces and bodies of cats, dogs and birds. What is even more interesting is that the R3 has a Vehicle-Priority tracking mode where it detects the cars and motorcycles.


For the first time ever Canon has integrated the Eye Control AF in the R3’s viewfinder which if Canon is to be believed is very accurate and intuitive. With Eye-AF and Servo AF activated, the camera will focus and track fast moving subjects with ease. 

The EVF is a 5.76 million dot OLED which has a refresh rate of 120 FPS. This means that it has a reduced time lag during continuous shooting,

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Video Capabilities

The EOS R3 is capable of shooting 6K RAW video along with 4K upto 120 FPS. In 4K DCI mode, it captures 6K oversampled footage and in 4K UHD, it captures 5.6K oversampled footage. As per Canon all non-RAW videos can be captured in 10-bit.

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To manage the heat generation, the camera will auto switch off after 25 minutes. However while shooting in 4K 30P, the recording will not be limited by heat. The R3 will give two types of heat warnings – one indicating the heat limit is near and the other showing heat is reaching a critical point. This is to give sufficient time to the photographer to stop the shooting.

Physical Build & Design

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The EOS R3 is sold build using one-piece magnesium allow design with the vertical grip being integrated. The camera body is weather and dust resistant and supports wired LAN, Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth. It has dual card slot – one for UHS0II SD and other for CFexpress card. 

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The rear LCD is vari-angle 3.2 inch screen which is 4.3 million dots and is touch enabled.

The camera weighs just 822 gms and has on-sensor image stabilization which provides up to 8-stops of shake correction.

The R3 features a newly designed hot shoe which apart from speedlite, also supports the transmitter and smartphone link adaptor and external microphone. 

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The EOS R3 should hit the market sometime in November and is priced at $5,999.