Canon is Adding Vehicle Detection AF to R5 and R6

Canon is Adding Vehicle Detection AF to R5 and R6

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Canon EOS R3 boasts of an enhanced Auto focus ability with which it can track and lock onto the moving cars and other vehicles. As a welcome news, Canon has announced that this feature will soon be added to their R5 and R6 sometime in December.

Canon is set to release the firmware upgrades for their EOS R5, EOS R6 and 1DX Mark III, which will primarily focus on their Auto Focus capabilities. This new firmware update version 1.6.0 (for 1DX Mark III) will improve the head detection even in cases where a person is wearing a helmet or a goggle as in water/winter sports. 

As for EOS R5 and R6 (version 1.5.0), above mentioned head detection feature will be added but along with it, there will be new much improved eye detection, torse detection and vehicle detection which is set to enhance the AF features of these cameras. These updates are set to be released on December 2 and will be available for free.

As per Canon the R5 and R6 will have improved AF feature specially pupils when they are not clearly visible because of shadows or goggles. The AF features will ensure the camera detects and locks the focus even when they are not clearly visible. The new torso detection feature will come in handy in situations where face, eye or head of the subject are not visible. In such cases the focus will shift to torso to maintain sharp focus all through the footage. 

All these new features are developed using Canon’s deep learning technology. This update is sure to put R5 and R6 in the same league as R3 with respect to their AF capabilities.

This update will be released by Canon on December 2 and will be available for free download.

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