GoPro Hero 10 black Features Leaked

GoPro Hero 10 black Features Leaked

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Few images and the specifications of GoPro 10, which is the new flagship camera from GoPro have been leaked. From images, it appears that the overall design remains intact but there may be many new features to make it a performance packed camera.

Winfuture recently published new photos of this Hero 10 and looking at the images its almost impossible to differentiate between this and Hero 9. Even the lens will be right-aligned which has been its feature right from day 1.

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As per the new report, the Hero 10 will have all new GP2 processor, which is designed to improve performance both in terms of resolution and frame rate.

Because of the new processor, the Hero 10 will be able to record 5.3K resolution videos at 60fps and 4K at 120fps. One can even shoot 2.7K at 240fps. This is a leap over Hero 9, which can record 5K at 30fps, and 4K at 60fps. 

As per Winfuture, the Hero 10 will also have a new sensor which will offer slightly better resolution at 23 Megapixel. Though the Hero 9 has 23.7 Megapixel sensor, but it can capture only 20 megapixel images.

The Hero 10 will also see a substantially improved HyperSmooth and TimeWarp which is bound to make the stabilization even better.

While WinFuture did not talk about possible release date, but if take a clue from their accurate information about Hero 9 last time around, we can expect the GoPro Hero 10 to become a reality in a few weeks from now. 

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