How to Take Care of Your SD Card – Prevent SD Card Failure

How to Take Care of Your SD Card – Prevent SD Card Failure

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Imagine this scenario – You come back from shooting, take out your SD card and start copying your images. The card shows read error in between the transfer or worse still, it shows corrupted immediately after taking the card out of camera. Such scenarios are devastating and every photographers’ nightmare. 

Every electronic device has a life span and is eventually bound to fail. SD Cards are no exception. Just that we do not know when that unfortunate incident will happen and mostly it happens when you least expect it and more often than not, it ends up doing lot of damage to your reputation as a photographer. 

Though you can make your SD card immortal but if you use simple tips to take good care of it, you can certainly enhance its life span.

Here are 5 + 1 Tips for you to take good care of your SD Card, which if implemented are sure to increase its life span.

  1. Do Not Use Single Card in Multiple Cameras
  2.  Always format card in camera before every new use
  3. Do not delete images in camera
  4. Wait for camera to write images on card
  5. Do not use large capacity cards
  6. Always use good quality card reader to transfer images

To know more about these tips, check out the video by Xploring Light where they talk about all these points in detail.

Tell us what do you think about the tips based on your own experience.