It Might take One Year for Nikon Z9 to Come in Stock

It Might take One Year for Nikon Z9 to Come in Stock

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If reports are to be believed, Nikon may face an uphill task in managing to meet the massive demand for its recently announced flagship camera Z9. There are rumors that Nikon has received pre-book orders of 400,000 units until date and Nikon has an estimated production volume of 3,500 units per month. Even if they massively ramp up the production, it may take one year for Nikon to fulfill the demand.

As per Nikon Rumors, the Z9 is probably aiming to be the best selling digital camera for Nikon, all because of the initial pre booking of 400,000 units. 



While this may be a great news for Nikon but Nikon may not find it easy to meet the demand. With the current production capacity of 3,500 units per month, it may take years for Nikon to meet the demand. Considering the bad financial health of the company, it may find it hard to even scale up the production.

Hypothetically, if Nikon manages to scale up the production to 35,000 units per month, it will take atleast one year for Nikon to meet the current demand.


Even if Nikon manages to ramp up the production, chip shortage is a real threat to manage and this may prove to be the biggest obstacle in its plan.

Nikon was in a similar situation with Z7 II as well, when it took around 6 months to meet the pre-order demands.

Nikon certainly is in a peculiar situation. On one hand, it has received a huge pre order demand and on the other, it will take almost a year to meet that demand. However, yes, one thing is clear, that it will be long wait for the photographers before they can actually get their Z9 in their hands.

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