JOBY Launches Podzilla and forays into the Tripod Arena

JOBY Launches Podzilla and forays into the Tripod Arena

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JOBY a very well-known company for GorillaPod have announced the launch of compact and flexible Podzilla. Aprt from this innovative product, they have announced their foray into the “proper” tripods and monopods arena.

In their latest Compact Series, Joby has launched 4 different systems: Compact Light, Compact Action, Compact Advanced and 2-in-1 Monopod. The Compact lineup includes a smartphone mount.

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Podzilla will be basically similar in design as that of GorillaPod. Incidentally GorillaPod changed the way you look at the tripods. The all-new Podzilla has built-in ball head and much seamless yet highly flexible legs. It will be available in two different sizes – Medium and Large. It will come in four trendy colors – Red, Yellow, Teal and Grey. 

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Joby clearly understands the new generation vlogger very well and as per them, this new lineup is designed to provide easy access to the best compact and flexible tripod system to the content creators across the world. 

As for design, the Podzilla uses the core made of aluminum which is strong and durable. This aluminum core is covered with a rubber outer layer which is grippy in nature. As per Joby, the legs can be fully articulated and can be used in any terrain just like the GorillaPod. 

E:\Blogs Future Forward\2021\October\Images\Joby\tripod-joby-podzilla-large-jb01661-bww-06-grip-camera-ghost.jpg E:\Blogs Future Forward\2021\October\Images\Joby\JOBY-Compact-2-in-1-Monopod-1-copy-e1633461540866-552x800.jpg

Joby’s new 2-in-1 Monopod can support a kit weighing upto 1 Kg. Its 2-in-1 monopod because it can double up as a selfie stick as well.

Aprt from these Joby has also launched their 3 traditional compact tripods – Compact Light, Compact Action and Compact Advanced. All of these tripods are very easy to set up. The Compact Light tripod weighs just 0.8 KG and has a load capacity of 1.5 Kg, making it ideal for mobile content creators. 

E:\Blogs Future Forward\2021\October\Images\Joby\JOBY-Compact-Light-Kit-copy-800x636.jpeg

The Compact Advanced Tripod is designed for mirrorless vloggers. This is available as a kit, which has a rotating phone clamp, and cold shoe mounts on both ends and has a max payload of around 3 KG.

All these new products are available for purchase on JOBY website and they are priced in the range from $39.99 to $149.99

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