Learn How to Clean a Camera Lens the Right Way

Learn How to Clean a Camera Lens the Right Way

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There’s nothing worse than clicking images with a smudgy lens. In addition, what is even worse and frustrating is not knowing the reason of those soft, smudgy poor quality images. Simple habit of checking the cleanliness of your lens before starting the day will make your life a lot easy. 

Let’s say you already know that your lens needs some cleaning and you instinctively bring the front element of lens closer to your T-shirt and start wiping it with the T-shirt you are wearing or worse still you take out the handkerchief from your pocket and start cleaning the glass with that. 

These methods are very intuitive and widely used but mostly end up damaging the front element of the lens. If the next thought in your mind is why someone is trying to make a blog out of something so simple, you are already thinking wrong. While there may not be any perfect and right way to clean the lens, but spitting on the lens and wiping with your T-shirt corner or handkerchief is certainly not the right way. You need right tools and right approach to clean the lens properly without damaging the front element. 

How to find out if your lens is dirty?

Easiest way to check the smudge marks is to inspect the front element at an angle to the light. But this may not show the dirt particles. For that, you need to take an image of the plain surface or sky and then checking the image. You must also check the rear element to find out if there is any dust on that.

The Cleaning Tools

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You don’t need some sophisticated machinery to clean lens. All you need is:

  • Blower
  • Soft Cleaning Brush
  • Microfiber Cloth with cleaning solution
  • Lenspen

Jassi Oberai in this video share in depth about how to clean the lens using above-mentioned tools without damaging the lens. These steps may look simple but are very important if you want to keep the lens safe and scratch free.

Final Thoughts

With these practical tips, you can be sure of increasing the life of your lens specially its front element. The tools like brush, blower etc are very affordable and can be easily packed in your camera bag without occupying too much space. 

While its important to clean your lens the right way, what is even more important is to ensure the lens does not get dirty too often. Keeping the lens cap on while you are not shooting is the best practice one must adopt to. Keep the lens covered as much as you can and you will be stress-free for the rest of your life.

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