Manfrotto Unveils “MOVE” – Modular Support system for Hybrid Shooters

Manfrotto Unveils “MOVE” – Modular Support system for Hybrid Shooters

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Manfrotto has just announced the launch of Move Ecosystem, which is a modular support system designed to help hybrid still and video shooters.  

As per Manfrotto, the Move is designed keeping in mind speed and versatility required for a photographer who keeps switching between still photography and videography. It helps in fast transition between still and video using a Quick Release System comprising of base and set of supports.

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Moving from still to video to gimbal is quite a tedious and complicated process because of different set of plates required. Manfrotto’s Move addresses just that. 

Move system gives much needed flexibility to hybrid shooters so that they can shift between still and videos with just one click. 

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The design is a shared one which helps you shift from one tripod head to another without having to change the plate which remains fixed on your camera base.

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Using two locking catcher bases, the unique Quixk Release Plates can be unlocked from a tripod and fixed on another one. This means that while you might need more than one catcher unit, you will still need only one base plate. 

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Now to ensure the user does not get into problem with a gimbal, Manfrotto has also launched a new gimbal 300XM. This gimbal uses a modular design that works very well with Move ecosystem.

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The Manfrotto Move Quick Release Catcher is priced at $90 and Quick Release Plate is priced at $25. If purchased as a bundle, they will cost $100. Manfrotto’s Modular Gimbal is priced at $770.

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