Nikon Announces Partnership with Nissin and Profoto

Nikon Announces Partnership with Nissin and Profoto

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Nikon in its efforts to position itself as a solution provider has announced its partnership with Nissin and Profoto. Nikon has however not elaborated much on the scope and its also not clear as to what does this mean for Nikon users. 

The announcement made through Profoto and Nikon Australia, promised a collaboration between Nikon and two lighting majors Nissin and Profoto. 

The announcement said, Nikon Australia is pleased to announce that Nikon Corporation will be collaborating with Nissin Japan Ltd. (President & CEO: Chikara Goto) and Profoto AB (CEO: Anders Hedebark, head office: Stockholm, Sweden) on speedlight products and studio lighting products.

Profoto in their press release explained little more on what it means for photographers. It stated that the collaboration will “further improve functionality for professional photographers. 

While the industry is cheerful of this collaboration, the announcement itself has been confusing because both Nissin and Profoto make lights and accessories that are compatible with Nikon cameras. There may be more to this but at this moment no one has clearly spoken about the scope of this collaboration.

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When Nikon was reached for comment, it only said that they are testing compatibilities with both Nissin and Profoto for suitable products. 

Since these both brands already make products compatible with Nikon cameras, we feel Nikon might be working on integrated trigger in Nikon cameras. Profoto has done it for PhaseOne cameras but such integrated triggers are unheard in DSLR/Mirrorless segment. 

The point however is why Nikon would want to integrate triggers of only these two brands? Why would they want to annoy photographers using other brands of lights/flash systems? 

While the whole world is speculating, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for some more announcement to clear the confusion. 

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