Nikon is Designing Two New f/1.2 Zoom Lenses – 35-50mm and 50-70mm

Nikon is Designing Two New f/1.2 Zoom Lenses – 35-50mm and 50-70mm

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Two new patents from Nikon have come to light, which indicate that Nikon is developing two large aperture zoom lenses for their Z-mount. They are 35-50mm f/1.2 and 50-70mm f/1.2.

As mentioned by Mirrorless Rumors, these two patents are for variable FL zoom lenses which have a fixed wide aperture of f/1.2. This assumes significance because until now Nikon had 25 Z-Mount lenses out of which only 1 has an aperture of f/1.2 and that is a fixed FL lens 50mm f/1.2. If these two lenses become a reality, together they will shoot between 35mm to 70mm at f/1.2 aperture.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\2021\October\Images\Nikon new lenses\Z-35-50mm-F1.2-572x800.jpg

E:\Blogs Future Forward\2021\October\Images\Nikon new lenses\Z-50-70mm-F1.2-572x800.jpg

Looking at these images, it appears that the lens construction is complicated and the lenses may even be bulky and heavy, which actually is understandable because it has to maintain a wide aperture in the entire focal length range. 

Wide apertures like f/1.2 are nonexistent in variable focal length lenses. While Lumix and Leica have released f/1.7 lenses for Micro Four third cameras, it appears that these two Nikon lenses may either be for APS-C or Full Frame which indeed will be some feat.

This news does not in any way indicate that Nikon has accomplished or mastered this design and construction. It only means that they have the intention to try this. A lot can still go wrong between the patented and final product because of complexities and costs involved. 

However if Nikon does manage to bring these lenses to reality, then we are looking at a game changing set of lenses which will set a new benchmark for everyone else to follow.

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