Nikon Plans to Launch an Affordable Entry Level Camera with Enhanced Video Features

Nikon Plans to Launch an Affordable Entry Level Camera with Enhanced Video Features

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Image Courtesy Nikon

Nikon in its Nikon Report 2021, revealed that it intends to launch a new segment of cameras to attract young audience. These will feature much improved video capabilities. To make the whole experience fun, Nikon also intends to develop a video editing software to make editing easy and fun.

This announcement has been translated and summarized by Digital Camera Info, and as per them after year ending March 2022, Nikon will expand its camera segmentation to woo young customer base. This will be an entry-level segment, which will have better video centric features and will be affordable as well. Nikon however will continue its focus on mid to high end cameras by expanding its Z-Mount lenses taking it to 30 and it intends to end the 2021 on a high with the launch of Z 9.

This strategy is well thought of and intends to bring Nikon back into profitability. By introducing this new entry-level segment of cameras, Nikon also wants to change the way Nikon is perceived as a brand.

Nikon says, “We have focused on selling hardware such as cameras and lenses, but I think that what our customers really want is to solve the emotions, fun, or problems that lie ahead. We will broaden our horizons and expand our business domain without being bound by conventional business styles, such as actively working on BtoB development utilizing video-related technology. We will continue to implement the measures steadily and achieve profitability in March 2022.”

If we understand this right, then Nikon wants to do what Sony did recently with the launch of ZV-1 and ZV-E10 but is it exactly on similar lines, only time will tell.