Nikon Publishes Detailed Video Guides Highlighting Features of Z9.

Nikon Publishes Detailed Video Guides Highlighting Features of Z9.

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Nikon has uploaded three videos highlighting various features of their flagship camera Nikon Z9. Posted on Digitutor YouTube Channel, these videos are unique and give a rare glimpse into the features of Z9. They go in details talking about some features. 

Due to global chip shortage, it is evident that Nikon could not provide enough units for reviews. To ensure that the users do not get deprived of the information, Nikon published its video guides talking about various features and in how to use them. 



In the first video Nikon takes us through hardware features of the camera – its button, their usage and how to access all the features that exist on the outer body of camera. The video is three and a half minute in duration and does not have a voice over. It certainly is not a tutorial video but can easily be classified as a “User Manual.”

The next two follow up videos are more descriptive in nature and do have a voice over. The first of these two videos talk about Mode, Focus Mode, BKT and Flash Mode Buttons. It goes on to cover Fn buttons and how to control the camera to shoot in a particular orientation – Landscape or Portrait. It also talks about their new LCD screen. 

The last video covers customisam/wation of shooting display, release timing indicator, brightness settings of viewfinder and the display size. It also talks about sensor shield. 

Nikon had announced the launch of their flagship camera Z9 sometime in late October. It has some path breaking features like 120fps and 8K shooting without any limitations. It is first camera in the world that will not feature a mechanical shutter. 

While its launch was announced, owing to global chip shortage, it might take a year for the camera to be rolled out in full capacity. 


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