NiSi Announces the Launch of the V7 - 100mm Filter Holder System

NiSi Announces the Launch of the V7 - 100mm Filter Holder System

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NiSi has unveiled the V7 100mm filter Holder Kit, which, as claimed by the company is the most advanced system ever and comes with a new True Color NC Circular Polarizer (CPL). Along with the filter holder and the CPL, the kit also includes 4 adapter rings for 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm (which are the most common wide-angle lenses), a lens cap and storage pouch.

The V7 enables easy use of up to 3 100mm wide and 2mm thick filters along with the new True Color Circular Polarizer filter, which is said to have no vignetting at 16mm on full-frames. Engineered with aviation grade aluminium and a matte black frosted finish, the holder effectively minimized reflections.

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Along with that, V7 also features NiSi’s one of a kind rotation wheel design that provides for the CPL filter to be rotated independently (via a cog at the holder’s back), while the filters are still in place.

This particular one prevents the yellow cast, which is produced by most CPLs. The V7 also features NiSi’s Pro Nano Coating which gives an oil-resistant, waterproof layer which enables the cleaning of dust, water stains and fingerprints and is also claimed to reduce unwanted reflections.

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“Our new Point to Point CPL Design allows for easier guided installation of the CPL into the main 82mm adapter. By lining the white markers on the CPL up with the white mark on the main adapter and twisting, you can easily secure the CPL in place, and remove it with little effort.”, NiSi notes.

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Additionally, the filter also offers a clip system, specially designed to grip only the edges of the filter for avoiding contact with the surface. Owing to this, filters become easy to insert and the filter surface is also protected, especially while using graduated filters so that its effect can be adjusted efficiently, to suit the changing conditions, giving a creative freedom to the photographers.

The V7 Kit has 100mm filter holder, the TrueColor CPL, 4 adaptor rings viz 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm, a lens cap and a storage pouch. It is available at $249.


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