PhotoPlus Cancelled for Second Straight Year Amid Covid19 Fears

PhotoPlus Cancelled for Second Straight Year Amid Covid19 Fears

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PhotoPlus has announced its physical event stands cancelled owing to travel restrictions and Covid-19 fears. It has been cancelled for second straight year. 

The company in a press release, stated that their in-person show which was scheduled to start from September 30, has been cancelled till 2022.

The PhotoPlus show which is a part of Emerald Expo’s photo group, comprised of The Wedding School, WPPI, Rangefinder, Sue Bryce Education and The Portrait Masters.

The company is concerned about the continuing spread of Covid-19 and feels this along with travel restrictions will not result in people attending this conference. As per Emerald, it will be almost impossible for people to travel to attend this show from almost 70 countries that has seen participation in previous years. 

“While the decision to cancel is a disappointing one, we recognize the extreme demands that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on establishments, and particularly small businesses, in this industry,” Emerald Expo writes. “It is of the utmost importance to our entire team that we deliver an incredible event experience to our attendees when we are once again able to meet in person. Our team is already laying plans for a revamped and revitalized PhotoPlus, all the while bringing back your favorite brands, the energy you expect from a live event, and exciting new elements.”

PhotoPlus was cancelled in 2020 also owing to widespread travel restriction in the middle of fast spreading Covid-19.

While last year, the company restructured it to become an online event, this year it has gone a step ahead and renamed the event as PhotoPlus Learning Lens.

The company says that it is already working full throttle to conduct this show in 2022 and further add that they are in line with delivering a much greater value to the audience than ever before.

Covid-19 has been inflicting damages in 2021 as well. We do hope that this will the last of such cancellations and life will become normal in 2022.


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