Push Your Creativity in 2022

Push Your Creativity in 2022

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Push Your Creativity in 2022





Do you feel your 2021 was low on creativity? In fact, it has been for many photographers. This is mainly because of prolonged shutdown and uncertainty. When the circumstances force you to stay locked, it is very natural to feel demotivated which directly affects the creativity. We are fast approaching 2022 and am sure you do not want to get stuck in this creative logjam. Here are few tips, which will help you take creative control over your photography.


Make a List of your Weak Areas

Let’s face it, we are all weak at something. We all struggle with something that stops us from being that ONE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER. While some ignore it, some hide it; experienced photographers tend to accept this bitter truth and admit it. They are aware of it and admit it because they genuinely want to improve upon it. 

Make a list of areas where you are weak so that you can channelize your efforts to polish those areas and become better. 


Find Inspiration


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Image Courtesy: Jassi Oberai


We all start with getting inspired by some other photographer. As we get busy, we forget to seek inspiration. Pause and think who or what inspires you the most. It could be that photographer whose work you really admire. It could also be a painting. It could even be a cinema. 

Devote some time to studying the work of photographers who inspire you, watch movies or go to exhibition. Do something to move away from your niche and seek inspiration. 


Plan Practice Shoots


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Image Courtesy: Jassi Oberai


So you have made the list of your weak points. You have also devoted time to do what inspires you the most. Most people stop here and hope that they will be able to break that barrier. These two were just figuring out what could be wrong but these points certainly are not execution. You might have the right intention but what good is that intention if its not backed by solid execution plan. One small way to execute on your plan is by planning and scheduling practice shoots. 

These practice shoots are not commercial shoots so give you the flexibility to think out of the box, make mistakes, and work on concepts that you always dreamt of but could not. Whatever you do, ensure these shoots are aimed at helping you work on your specific weak areas. 

Fight Your Instincts

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Image Courtesy: Jassi Oberai


Now this is important. When you will start working on your weak points, you will have to shoot subjects or genres that you are not comfortable with or are your strength. It is then you will be tempted to go back to what you are good at because instinctively you are not habitual of failing. 

Keep trying and adjusting. Failing in such situations is perfectly all right. You may not become perfect but you will certainly come out with images that make you proud.

You are doing and trying something new, something you are not familiar with. It will be difficult and even painful but this pain is an indication that you are improving. Challenge yourself as an artist and commit to continuous improvement. 


Tweak Your Workflow by Incorporating a New Skill


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Image Courtesy: Jassi Oberai

If we work for few years, we develop our unique workflow. With time, we get so comfortable with that workflow that we will complete it even with your eyes closed. We get into the rhythm and it difficult to break that rhythm; its difficult to change notes of that melodious composition. 

For you to be more creative, you will have to start tweaking your workflow, start working to change the way you shoot. As an artist, you need to grow and to grow you need to learn new skills and incorporate those in your day-to-day workflow.

This way you will not only grow as an artist but will stand tall in your community. Don’t we all want that in our lives? We do not want to be average

Let’s enter 2022 with lots of new found excitement.

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