RAW vs JPEG – Which is Better & Why ?

RAW vs JPEG – Which is Better & Why ?

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Ever since the advent of digital photography, there has been a raging debate on whether to shoot in RAW of JPEG. In this video Jassi Oberai talks about why he prefers shooting in RAW. 


Video in Hindi


Video in English

JPEG is an image file. It is highly compressed 8 Bit File which is a ready to use image file and stores 16 million worth of color information. 

On the other hand, RAW is not an image. RAW is a data directly from sensor and since it is not an image file, it requires specialized software to render the data and show you an image. RAW is a 12 or 14 Bit file. While an 8 Bit JPEG stored 16 million worth color information; a 12 Bit RAW file stores around 68 Billion Color information. 

Jassi also goes on to demonstrate it by processing both a JPEG and a RAW file. Watch the full video to know in detail

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