Sony Leaked the Specs of their a7 IV Flagship Camera?

Sony Leaked the Specs of their a7 IV Flagship Camera?

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In past Sony has been very secretive about their “yet to be launched” products but it seems they have been little more open this time around. They may have actually leaked the specs of their flagship camera a7 IV through the choice of keywords in their official YouTube channel where they posted a teaser.

The new teaser, which Sony posted on their YouTube channel for their online retailers saying that Alpha camera, is coming on October 21st.


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As per Sony Alpha Rumors, the viewers of the teaser video noticed some keywords that probably were of the features of a7 IV. 

While the teaser did not mention the camera name, there were several keywords which had Sony a7 IV tagged several times. And is these tags are correct, then we may be looking at some specifications as:

“A full frame E-Mount 33 megapixel camera with 15 stops of dynamic range and 4K/60p recording. 

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Image Courtesy Sony

The camera will supposedly offer AI based Eye AF. The other specs may include 10fps,vari-angle display, live streaming, 10-bit 4:2:2 HLG video and much more.

While we are super excited, whether its true or not, we will get to know on 21st October when Sony officially goes live with the announcement of their new camera.

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