Sony Permanently Stops Production of a7 II and a6100?

Sony Permanently Stops Production of a7 II and a6100?

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Chip shortage has been affecting all camera brands but Sony seems to be taking some drastic steps in trying to manage the crisis. Sony has recently announced that they have stopped accepting orders of Alpha 7C and a6600. They also shared that they have “completed production” of Alpha 7II and a6100.

On 23rd December, Sony published an apology on their Japanese website. In that note, Sony mentioned that they are either suspending the production or permanently stopping production owing to unavailability of parts.  

As per the note, they have stopped accepting orders of following cameras until further orders:

a6600 Series,

a 7C Series,

ZV E10 Series,

a7 II Series,

a6400 Series,

Shotgun Microphone ECM-B1M, and

Professional Camcorder PXW-Z190

It also says that it has “completed production” of a7 II Series and a6100 series of cameras. 

Sony, in early November had stopped accepting orders for Alpha 7 II series and a6100 series but have now announced that “since there is no prospect of future parts supply”, it has finally decided to permanently stop production of both series of cameras.  

This news does not give good feeling because some of the cameras put in suspension are fairly new launches by Sony. Alpha 7C was launched in September 2020 and a6600 was launched in August 2019. 

We had earlier reported that Sony feels this chip shortage is more serious than expected. This new notice gives a feeling that this chip shortage is hitting Sony harder than Canon or Nikon. While the other two are still making cameras albeit with challenges, Sony has been forced to stop few models permanently. 

We do hope that this trend does not continue and soon Sony brings some cheers to its loyal users. 

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