Ten Camera Accessories You Must Have

Ten Camera Accessories You Must Have

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While this topic has been spoken about in depth but it still needs continuous updating. Every photographer has his own choice of accessories which aid in his photography process. We try and share a list of “Must Have Accessories” which we feel should become an integral part of every photographers’ camera bag. 

  1. Reliable Camera Bag

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Though many will say that a camera bag is not an accessory but we believe that it actually is because without this it’s almost impossible to carry your camera along. A camera bag is the next thing you buy after having decided on the camera and lens combination. And choosing the right camera bag is always a challenge and no matter what you buy, you always feel there is a better one out there. You should look at few factors while selecting a suitable and reliable camera bag for your expensive camera gear and they are: expandability, ease of taking camera out, comfortability and built quality.

  1. Additional Battery

In my opinion this is the most important accessory every photographer must have in his camera bag. And it becomes all the more important if you are travelling or are a travel photographer. Total number of extra batteries should be decided based on few criteria like your shooting style, your daily shoot duration, possibility of charging batteries during the day time and the weather. Cold weather tends to drain batteries fast. 

  1. Comfortable Neck Strap

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I have never liked the camera straps provided with camera. They are tacky, uncomfortable and so out of style. Comfortability is the of prime importance when you hang camera from your neck. Look for a camera strap which is super comfortable and easy to attach or detach.

  1. LCD Screen Protector

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Today most cameras have a vari-angle LCD which can even be closed but I will still recommend a screen protector because it is almost impossible to close the LCD after every shot. Usually it keeps rubbing against the hard buttons of your shirt or coat and get scratches which damage the screen. 

  1. Lens Cleaning Kit

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Taking care of your camera regularly not only makes you feel good but it also makes it look good. Camera gets dirty with dust and at times moisture and needs regular cleaning. Your camera cleaning kit should have a blower, microfiber cloth, brush and cleaning liquid. It is a must have accessory in your camera bag.

  1. Extra Memory Cards

This is in line with extra batteries. Am sure you do not want to run out of space while shooting on field. Keeping extra memory cards in your bag will always save you from low space blues.

  1. Shutter Release Cable

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While most camera come with either an app or an intervelometer to manage remote shooting, I am of strong belief that having a shutter Release Cable will come in handy just in case your app is unable to work because of low battery in your mobile phone.

  1. Travel Tripod

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Even if you do not intend to create long exposure images, a light weight, compact travel tripod comes in handy when light gets low and you do not want to increase ISO. This must also become an integral part of your camera bag.

  1. Lens Protection Glass

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Most people will confuse this with a UV Filter. I am not in favour of a UV filter but you need a clear glass filter to ensure the strong winds carrying dust/sand particles should not hit and damage the front element of lens. You can look at your camera’s brand of clear glass protective filter.

  1. Circular Polariser

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Most people feel that a CPL is only for landscape photographers but it’s not true. A CPL helps you get deep blue sky in tricky lighting conditions even when you are shooting outdoor portraits or while doing travel photography. Do not compromise on the quality because a low quality CPL might adversely impact the image quality. 

Do let us know which is your favorite accessory and we will certainly take a look at that.