What are Commercial Photography Options?

What are Commercial Photography Options?

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We all start with photography as a hobby. And then it slowly starts getting intense. Now we want to excel in photography even though it is a hobby. We want to create images of professional quality. And then the day comes when we know that our passion is calling us out to take the plunge. And this is when most go wrong. So what are the options available to you if you want to pursue photography at a commercial level; if you want to take it as a full time profession? 

Wedding Photography


It is by far the most popular and sought after field. And probably the most paying as well. In India wedding in itself is a gala affair. People want to put their best foot forward and leave no stone unturned to impress the whole world with the magnanimity of the celebrations. And this is where a Wedding Photographer becomes one of the most sought after and highly paid individual who can help the family make every moment eternal and preserve them in prints or digital format. Understand the challenges involved, especially with time and tight commitments and if you have it in you, take the plunge and be that all important wedding photographer.


Fashion Photography

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This is the glamour side of photography; well quite literally. Most girls dream to make it big in the world of fashion and glamour and this where Fashion Photographer comes in picture. Right from the moment an aspiring model wants to get her portfolio made in a hope to use it and get that lucky break, to getting portfolios re-created to keep staying ahead in the glamour race, if there is one person who is most sought after, it is Fashion Photographer. Here too income opportunity as good as your skills. This also involves garment designers to showcase their designer clothes. 


Architecture Photography


People love to travel and when they travel they love to stay in good hotels and this is where all hotels want to show their best side to their prospective clients. Architecture photography deals with creating images of the hotel property which can be used in their marketing catalogue so that more and more clients opt for their hotel. Though this involves high technical skills, it is both highly paying and with less competition as compared to other genres.


Food and Product Photography


Food items for restaurants or product images for selling soaps, condiments, luxury watches, household items, a food / product photographer comes in handy. List of products is endless and do is the opportunity. This field too is highly technical and probably high paying as well because of low competition. But yes remember that you have to be best in your art and craft to be able to get the best out from a client.


Travel Photography

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Travel is a huge industry and every city, state and country want to lure travelers from across the globe to their respective places. This is where a travel photographer fits in to help the authorities and / or magazines, travel portals etc to help them create images which are good enough to lure travelers and generate travel revenue. Though this looks very glamorous but creating portfolio is neither easy nor cost effective. But if you feel you have it in you, then go ahead explore this option.


Photo Journalism


This is another highly sought after field. This requires and demands high mental agility and willingness to work at odd hours and in extreme situations like riots, war etc. You can join a news agency like Reuters or even be a freelancer.

Options are plenty and competition stiff with every second photographer trying to get into it. Make an informed, researched choice and do well in whatever you choose


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