What is the Highest ISO You Should Use?

What is the Highest ISO You Should Use?

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The most asked question after “Which camera I should buy?” is “How much ISO I can use without ruining my image?” and honestly the answer is never easy. Digital noise resulting out of high ISO has been a cause of concern for almost all photographers.  

Well in film era, there were photographers who tried different means to get some kind of artistic noise in their images. In new age digital photography, the ISO can go as high as 24000 and even beyond. This choice of high ISO on one hand gives flexibility to a photographer to choose any value and not miss a shot but it also compromises with the image quality. 



Scott Choucino in his video shares in depth about how much maximum ISO you can use. He looks at ISO in depth and uses different ISO settings in his studio to showcase how much ISO may be acceptable in different types of photography.

Watch the full video and get into ISO stretching mode.

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