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Camera Metering and Exposure

Anyone who aspires to become a professional photographer one day is often advised to first get acquainted with its camera. An honest courtship with your camera is your first transition as an amateur towards professional photography.

Yashika Teases about a Big Comeback in 2022

After disastrous try in 2018 and 2019, Yashika is now teasing with a new camera in 2022. In 2018, they tried with Y35, which received poor reviews. In 2019, Yashika launched 3 cameras on Kickstarter but did not do much with that either.

Canon Announces KOKOMO – Social VR Platform that uses Canon Cameras

Canon recently announced that it is developing a VR platform designed to completely change the human communication. It will combine VR with “immersive” video calls powered by Canon cameras.

Nikon Z9 Becomes World's Longest Continuous Shooting Camera

Nikon has released a new firmware update for its Z9 camera, which enhances camera’s ability to capture whopping 20, frames per second in RAW + JPEG for 15 seconds without any buffering issues. This is a new benchmark in the industry.

Canon Announces Death of their Flagship DSLR Cameras

It was only in January 2020, when Canon announced the launch of their flagship camera EOS 1DX Mark III and everyone thought that DSLR will have a longer life. But recently Canon dropped a bombshell when it indicated that 1DX Mark III is the last of their flagship cameras that people have seen.